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Completed Projects

DonorTimeframe of ProjectBudget
Short Description / OutcomeContact Person
Amplify Change2019/20450,000,000Accelerated access to disability friendly Sexual Reproductive Health Services for Women and Girls with Disabilities in Kamuli DistrictMabel Kirabo Strategic Advisor
African Women’s Development2017/19178,528,912Increasing access to employment opportunities for Women and Girls with Disabilities through advocacy for local legislation and policy, reasonable accommodation facilities for PWDs at the work place and  capacity  building  for Women and Girls with to organize in formal and informal economies.Madonna Kendona
Program    Officer    –Special
USAID Uganda2014/17554,910,315To  promote  economic empowerment of 300 women with disabilities through micro credit support for agriculture and value- added processing of fruits and vegetables, and Entrepreneurship.Ruth Sempa,
Agreement                Officer’s
Independent Development Fund2016/17130,923,626To promote Good Governance through advocacy for implementation of the Iganga PWD Ordinance, 2013Sarah Kintu Program Manger
Rights Fund
2016/1762,299,265To promote human rights through advocacy local legislation and policy, and inclusive planning, budgeting and service delivery, and advocacy skills training.Diana Samarasan
Executive Director, DRF
Action        for
Children Fund
2015/1739,000,000Strengthening Retention of HIV positive mothers and Exposed Infants in Iganga District. There is active client follow up and referral of HIV positive mothers and infants by mentor mothers, expert clients, village health teams, HIV focal persons and health workers, which has improved health and productivity.Dr. Jane Namugga
Executive                 Director, PROWOCAVU
Foundation for Sustainable Development2008/201727,000,000Promotion of sustainable livelihoods through organic farming methods, cooperatives and human rights.Nassozi Margaret
Executive Director, FSD
Catholic Relief
Services, CRS
2015/1762,218,015Capacity building for maize and fruit production and financial services. The outcome is improved cooperative, and portfolio and delinquency management, and quality systems for natural juice processing.George Ntibarikure
Program    Director,     F2F Program
Rights Fund
2014/16200,000,000Disability  Budget  Advocacy Project; increased prioritization of PWDs in national and local government policies and budgets. We documented the Local Government Budgeting process and trained PWDs, DPOs and CSOs in budget analysis with focus to the Public Finance Management Act, and social accountability.Diana Samarasan
Executive Director
Rights Fund
2011/13150,000,000Human Rights and Good Governance Program; this saw the birth of the Iganga District Policy on Disability, and the Iganga PWD Ordinance   amendment,   both   of
2013,    Development    of    Human
Rights training manual and creating a critical mass of human rights activists who constantly identify and follow up cases of human rights abuse.
Diana Samarasan
Executive Director
African Women’s Development Fund201165,000,000Economic Empowerment and Livelihoods Project; its increased household income of 90 Women with Disabilities through seed funding for Income Generating Activities, and small-scale businesses.Madonna Kendona
Program    Officer    – Special
GOAL Uganda2005/20111,574,506,000Community Based Rehabilitation Program  for  People  with Disabilities. The project increased mobility and participation of 150 children with disabilities through corrective surgery, and provision of hearing aids, improved household income, food security and nutrition for 17,000 PWDs through agriculture, entrepreneurship and vocational skills training.Katumba George,
Disability   Support  Program
GOAL Uganda.
Human Rights
2007/200840,000,000To strengthen People with Disabilities with Human rights and influence  the  Local  GovernmentAgnes Kajuni, then Program
Officer HURINET-Uganda
Iganga   District Persons   with
Disabilities Ordinance, 2007.
Source: Adopted from IDIWA Annual Reports