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Human Rights & Good Governance

With the aim of increasing demand for access to services offered by Government and other development agencies, the human rights advocacy component involves empowering disabled persons with their human rights and advocacy skills, campaigning for rightful inclusion of People with Disabilities, Women and other vulnerable groups in local Government planning and service delivery. IDIWA conducts advocacy engagements and influences local government policy and legislation in favor of members and target groups as well as empowering People with Disabilities on human rights and advocacy skills. The biggest achievements under this component include enactment of the Local Government (Iganga District) (Persons with Disabilities) Ordinance 2013 and Iganga District Policy on Disability. The Ordinance guarantees protection, elimination of discrimination and ensures equal rights to Persons with Disabilities in Iganga District, while the District Policy on Disability facilitating achievement of district priorities through development of services to People with Disabilities. In conjunction with central government efforts, it sheds light on the rights of Persons with Disability by analyzing the relevant disability instruments, supporting equality and accessibility as a coherent whole. As a result, IDIWA is increasingly witnessing support by Government leadership towards promoting rights of People with Disabilities.