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Economic empowerment of Girls and Women with Disabilities

Purpose:  Reduce poverty levels among girls and women with Disabilities in Uganda.

Strategic Objective: To promote economic independence of girls and women with disabilities in Uganda through microcredit support for improved agricultural productivity, value addition, and non-farm income activities.

Key Activities:

  • Train 1000 WGDs in Eastern Uganda with entrepreneurship skills by 2024
  • Support 50 groups of WGDs in Eastern Uganda to access government development programs at district level by 2024
  • Train 50 groups of WGDs in Eastern Uganda with skills in agriculture value chain improvement by 2024
  • Conduct 10 advocacy sessions with 10 district local government service commissions in Eastern Uganda to implement inclusive employment policies by 2024
  • Conduct a meeting of 50 private employers in Eastern Uganda on inclusive employment policies by 2024
  • Link 25 WGDs in Eastern Uganda empowered in the labour market by 2024.
  • Support 1000 WGDs from selected districts in Eastern with vocational and apprenticeship skills by 2024
  • Sensitize 2000 PWDs to join IDP SACCO by 2024
  • 5 new functional products introduced in the IDP SACCO by 2024

Key Strategies

  • Capacity building of WGDs through training, mobilization, exposure, seed grants, loan funds, mentoring and coaching
  • Sensitization/awareness raising through media campaigns and community dialogues/meeting, dissemination of IEC materials.
  • Evidenced based Advocacy and lobbying through research, engagement with policy makers/duty bearers, demonstrations, policy influence, petitions, position papers and policy briefs. 4    Collaboration and networking with like-minded organizations, state actors and community structures