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Bashir Mukama In Monitoring & Evaluation


My Dreams are still alive. Bashir’s Story

Meeting with 23 years old Mukama Bashir, feels your heart with a roll coaster of very different emotions.  Bashir welcomes with such joy and humbleness on his face that gives you the fondness, warmness and comfort to sit down with him and get to know him more.

Bashir has been crippled in both limbs since he was child but this did not stop or make him give up on his deep seated dreams, writing down in his book, Bashir tells us how he loves to study and become some one important and valued in his community.

“I would love to finish my studies in Public Administration and be able to become a good politician who will indeed reach out and support people like me and others. I love to see many disabled children like me go to school. It is always breaks my heart to see how politicians in my community have neglected their people and especially people like me, this is my dream and the change I want to see I my community” 

Mukama Bashir crossed paths with IDIWA through the implementation of the Disability policy implementation Project funded by IDF aimed at Improving governance and inclusive service delivery to PWDs in Iganga District. During one of the project radio talk shows aired on R FM every Saturday, one listener who knew Bashir linked him to IDIWA for support.

Mukama Bashir completed his primary and Secondary School level and due to lack of financial support, he could not continue to tertiary/University level. Through IDIWA engagements with the district, Bashir was offered a scholarship to study at Team University in Iganga District. This was such a very big miracle and ray of hope in Bashir’s life.

With no financial support, Bashir struggled to travel 25km distance from his local community to the University in Iganga Town, until he dropped out in December.  Currently, Bashir still hopes he can continue his studies, however due to lack of financial support, he cannot continue his studies at the moment.

“If I can be helped with a start-up business like charcoal selling, vegetable and other food crops selling, I can be able to earn money which I can use to transport myself to the university and be able to complete my course”

IDIWA is currently continuing to engage the district stakeholders and other district partners to solicit a sustainable support for Bashir. IDIWA has also continued to use the platform of the radio talk show to fundraise for Bashir for individuals, however this has not yet yielded results as expected.

IDIWA believes in the empowerment of PWDS, many young hopeful people and children like Bashir still lack access to quality education due to their special needs and financial needs thus IDIWA continues to further seek funding through writing proposals that will focus on supporting Education for Children with Disabilities.

Compiled by Joy Namuwaya – Ag. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager – IDIWA